GSCC Family and Friends!  Even though we have not met in the church building for many months, our efforts to proclaim the Gospel has never stopped.  Thanks to the generosity of many, we have been blessed to continue being the hands and feet of Jesus within our church family, our community and beyond, even during the pandemic!  Here are a just few ways God used the financial gifts and offerings in this ministry last year:

  • Moved Sunday Morning Worship online without interruption in the schedule despite COVID-19.
  • Added weekly Bible Study and Prayer Meetings after the pandemic stay-at-home-orders allowing many the opportunity to deepen their understanding of God’s Word.
  • Continued to facilitate the twice-weekly Community Dinners in partnership with five other local churches at no-cost to those serving or those being served without interruption.
  • Over 1500 people were fed physically and spiritually through these Community Dinners.
  • Shared the Gospel with 40+ children around the world through Operation Christmas Child.
  • Continued 100% of our pledged financial support to our Missionaries overseas resulting in numerous people hearing the Gospel and many receiving salvation.
  • Missionary support in the Philippines, Portugal and Turkey resulted in several people receiving salvation and many more learning how to follow Jesus.
As you can see, the Lord used GSCC to teach people locally how to obey Jesus’ commandments and to follow his teachings which resulted in reaching out to our immediate communities and churches along with continued support for global missionary efforts (Jn. 14:15; Mt. 28:18-19).  These principles highlight how the Lord blesses the faithful teaching and doing of His Word and as the senior pastor of GSCC, I am humbled yet excited to see how the Lord will use this little family fellowship this new year!  I can tell you that while we will continue in the areas listed above along with preaching and teaching God’s Word without compromise, we are prayerfully seeking the Lord’s guidance how to proceed in other ministry areas.
I invite you to join us in 2021 by becoming a GSCCTracy Partner!  Simply click here, fill in the required information and check the box “Make This Gift Recurring.”  Doing so means that you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your automatically recurring gift is impacting lives with the transforming truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ after one simple action!