GSCC Family and Friends!  As we begin a new year and a decade, it is so easy to make resolutions which usually means identifying old habit areas where you fell short last year and vowing change them to do better in the new year.  However, did you know that many resolutions fail by January 17th and that only 20-40% of resolutions succeed?  While you may think that the resolutions people make appear to be unique to the individual, the majority of them usually fall in a few categories: health, finances, relationships, self-improvement and leisure.  Among Christians, we would probably have to add reading the bible more consistently. Well, I would like to take a different approach and look back on 2019 to highlight some of the ways God successfully used your financial gifts prayers for Good Shepherd Community Church.

  • 20-30 young adults (18+ years of age) from different churches met weekly to learn how to live as followers of Jesus.
  • 8 adults (35+) began a 16-week discipleship intensive course which extends into 2020.
  • 15-20 young adults began the same course.
  • 3 people made a public declaration of their faith in Jesus Christ through baptism.
  • 350+ people were blessed during the annual Christmas Toy Giveaway with Mt. Carmel Church.
  • 5 churches celebrated being a part of God’s Family during the 1st Annual Fellowship BBQ.
  • Over 1500 people were fed physically and spiritually through our weekly Community Dinners.
  • 6 different churches partnered to support and sponsor the Community Dinners.
  • 88 Operation Christmas Child boxes were sent to Palau, the Philippines and the Ukraine.
  • Missionary support in the Philippines, Portugal and Turkey resulted in several people receiving salvation and many more learning how to follow Jesus.

As you can see, the Lord used GSCC to teach people locally how to obey Jesus’ commandments and to follow his teachings which resulted in reaching out to our immediate communities and churches along with continued support for global missionary efforts (Jn. 14:15; Mt. 28:18-19).  These principles highlight how the Lord blesses the faithful teaching and doing of His Word and as the senior pastor of GSCC, I am humbled yet excited to see how the Lord will use this little family fellowship this new year!  I can tell you that while we will continue in the areas listed above along with preaching and teaching God’s Word without compromise, there are also a few new things we are planning for 2020 to extend our outreach of the gospel:

  • Developing young adult leaders to fill key roles within GSCC.
  • Launching the Ruby Project to assist survivors of domestic and sexual abuse.
  • Launching our Oasis Biblical Counseling Center to help address life issues using God’s Word.
  • Adding other nations to our global missionary support.
  • Developing a Children’s Before and After-school program for a local school.

Looking forward to these and other ministry areas, I invite you to join us in 2020 by becoming a GSCCTracy Partner!  Simply click here, fill in the required information and check the box “Make This Gift Recurring.”  Doing so means that you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your automatically recurring gift is impacting lives with the transforming truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ after one simple action!